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Single Family Homes, Hotels, Lemon Law Information has been collecting apartment rating information on the Internet since 1998. That included rental reviews for apartments and single family homes. We are in the process of adding hotel and other vacation rentals.

If you want to read glowing reviews about your apartment complex or hotel all you have to do is check their web site. They are not shy about telling you how wonderful they are. The LemonClub is here to give you the other side of the story. That is why we do not accept apartment rental advertising like other review sites..

From the very start of TheLemonClub Corp in 1998 our mission has been to help consumers identify and subsequently avoid the so-called Lemons in areas that really matter the moBad Lemonst iGood Lemonn your life. If you happen to rent a movie that turns out to be a lemon... well that isn’t really a big deal. But ending up with a lemon for an auto or home can make your life miserable for a long time and cost thousands of dollars. 


Your free membership provides the following benefits:


Access apartment ratings submitted by tenants or hotel reviews submitted by consumers. Or submit your own item for review.


Our discussion forum covers topics from apartment living and vacation rentals to job hunting. There are also relevant news articles updated on a daily basis. You can help build an apartment guide for other renters by submitting your own photos in the forum. Members are allowed to send private messages to each other. This will help tenants share information about their community and rental experience.


Discuss vehicle lemon laws and share your stories, photos, and solutions.









If you cannot find the information you are looking for in our database you may submit a new listing at the Neighborhood Service Network (or NSN) which is our new website. We are in the process of combining our Apartment Ratings with NSN which offers reviews of service-providers for your Health as well as your Home or Apartment.


Small Rental Properties

There are many small rental properties from single-family homes to small buildings which might not be found in any apartment guide. Those need to be rated too. So please submit them to the Neighborhood Service Network at

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